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Leadership Gulf Coast

A program designed to prepare the area’s current and potential leaders for the future.

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To understand real problems and opportunities in our community, and to create a communication network between present and emerging leaders dedicated to the improvement of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The program is designed to last for nine months beginning with a breakfast in August and an overnight retreat in September. A variety of topics will be discussed in seven one-day monthly sessions, concluding with a one-day retreat in April. The one-day sessions will feature experts from diverse fields. Topics to be covered include Military, Government, Human Needs & Health Services, Economic Structure of the Coast, Culture & Heritage, Education, and Quality Of Life.

Candidates for Leadership Gulf Coast may be nominated by organizations, employers, or individuals. No more than 38 men and women, representing community diversity, will be selected. Each nominee will be expected to complete and return a detailed application. An anonymous selection committee will review each application. Participants will be chosen on the basis of community involvement, leadership capabilities, and potential in their respective fields. Attendance at each activity is strictly enforced with only minimal absences allowed for the monthly sessions.
One of the most important goals of Leadership Gulf Coast is creating a continuing flow of strong, community-committed alumni. The networking system developed by the program will be constantly expanded by the graduates. The prestige of the program will increase as Leadership alumni utilize their capabilities and progress into higher positions of authority in our community.

The tuition fee is $1,325.00 for member of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce, Inc. or $1,500.00 for potential members. As part of the learning process, participants are expected to secure their own funding. It is anticipated, however, that sponsors, employers or other involved organizations may be willing to help with this deductible expense.

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Leadership Gulf Coast is a top of the line program that has produced numerous leaders across the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” said Ron Barnes, past Chair of Board of Trustees for Leadership Gulf Coast, “Our goal in creating the alumni association is to keep past participants engaged and also to raise money to support the program.” Through membership, newsletters on activities of other members as well as information deemed important to LGC Alumni will be received, as well as notifications of events created for networking purposes and to raise funds for scholarships.