• SMART Payment Terminal or POS Placement with No Hardware Cost

    Offer Valid: 02/01/2021 - 02/27/2021
    SMART Payment Terminal
    Upgrade to a SMART payment processing terminal or POS with no hardware cost to take full advantage of the technology your customers expect. A SMART terminal is like a smart phone, it simply offers more features to help your business grow and operate more efficiently. 

    • Front and back cameras for easy barcode scanning.

    • Customer facing touchscreen.

    • 8” touchscreen with Android software.

    • Built-in receipt printer with 3 1/8” wide paper.

    • EMV chip card, NFC contactless, and magstripe reader.

    • 4G and WiFi connectivity allows wireless mobility.

    • Next day funding with cut times as late as 9pm CT and same day funding available.

    • PIN Debit capability.

    • Free time clock, employee management, and hiring capabilities through Homebase integration.

    • Free merchant portal with dispute management, virtual terminal, and invoicing.

    Isn't it time for your credit card terminal to do more than only take a payment and make a deposit?