• Data Analyst

    Posted: 04/27/2021

    Location:  D’Iberville, MS
    Pay:  $28/hour
    Hours:  8am-5pm/Monday-Friday
    The role of the Data Analyst is to collect, manipulate, interpret, analyze, and present data received from both internal and external sources.  The Data Analyst is to conduct a verification/accuracy process of such data to identify process improvement opportunities and to assist management/ the Executive Team in prioritizing program and strengthen financial and quality initiatives within the organization.

    • Ability to collect, manipulate, interpret, and analyze complex data using universally accepted statistical techniques and standards.
    • Ability to disseminate significant amounts of complex information accurately and in formats/styles intelligible to the receiving audience.
    • Knowledge in report writing and SQL query building.
    • Must have strong computer and analytical skills.
    • Ability to work independently and/or within a team setting.
    • Ability to adhere to multiple deadlines and work with competing priorities.
    • Must be active, self-motivated, and able to learn multiple Medical Information Systems (MIS) quickly.
    • Knowledge of the importance of maintaining Protected Health Information (PHI) records; able to maintain confidentiality under current HIPAA laws and regulations.
    • Well-developed verbal and written communication skills with the ability to interpret high-level technical information.
    • Knowledge of group dynamics and has ability to manage diverse people groups from various backgrounds and disciplines to facilitate positive momentum and cooperation as needed to accomplish project objectives.
    • Ability to exercise a high degree of diplomacy and tact; excellent customer services and interpersonal communication skills; Cultural sensitivity and demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/staff members.
    • Knowledge in process re-design and change management.
    Requirements for Data Analyst
    • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, economics, computer science, information management, or statistics.  
    • Minimum of two years of experience in data analytics is also required. 
    • Ability to demonstrate technical expertise in data models, database design development, data mining, segmentation techniques, and dashboard maintenance. 
    • Knowledge of databases (SQL, etc.), programming (XML, JavaScript, etc.), and statistical packages for analyzing large datasets (Excel, SPSS, SAS, etc.).
    • A minimum of five years in health information for a primary care, community health or public health setting is preferred but not required. 
    • Knowledge in FQHC standards of practice and ethical codes and regulations to FQHC’s is highly desired.
    Core Competencies
    • Accesses systems for data collection across the organization and work to improve the efficiency in data gathering and accuracy at the entry point; assists with the updating of policies and/or protocols for data collection to ensure validity.
    • Works towards data integration where possible to assure integrity of reporting across multiple programs, services, and sites.
    • Identifies potential or actual discrepancies in data reporting systems and works to solve inaccuracies and/or reconcile data between reporting systems.
    • Upon request, develops mapping of file relationships between databases and reporting systems.
    • Develops standardized (internal) surveys, matrices, and dashboards that accelerate management access to data reporting.
    • Meets with key management and supervisory staff, practicing active listening skills to define data needs for business decision-making involving various wok environments and requirements.
    • Utilizes quantitative analysis to improve value in data mining and produce accurate statistical reports; develops charts, graphs, and data dashboards to inform the progress and/or direction of business operations.
    • Presents data sets in a manner that is user-friendly and facilitates learning/understanding of data at various levels (i.e. line staff, supervisors, Executives and Board of Directors).
    • Interprets the needs of the client (staff) to build ad hoc and custom reports; establishes reporting systems for “regular” reports needed on an on-going interval basis (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.)
    • Assists management team and staff in expressing and defining data requirements; draws “rough” data reports and works with clients to further define data to best meet the clients’ needs.
    • Conducts all reporting and data mining respective of applicable privacy, confidentiality, and proprietary rights requirements.
    • Collects and reports required PHI data to third party vendors i.e. Accountable Care Organizations, 340B administrators, managed care insurance companies.
    • Subject to stressful deadlines and competing priorities.
    • Subject to frequent interruptions.
    • May be required to work beyond normal work hours as necessary.
    • Frequent travel between clinics and administrative locations may be required.
    • Performs other related duties as assigned.