Biloxi, November 17, 2023 – The Biloxi Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the Junior Leadership Biloxi Program, a key component of the Chamber's education initiatives. Designed for ninth-grade students residing or attending school in the City of Biloxi, this program aims to cultivate individuals of exceptional character who are attuned to community needs and poised to make meaningful contributions to society.

    The Junior Leadership Biloxi Program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential aspects of personal and community development. Selected participants will engage in afterschool sessions delving into topics such as Manners & Etiquette, Military Awareness, Business in Biloxi, Cultural Diversity, Preparing for Success, and Medical & Government. The curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to foster a well-rounded understanding of the community and instill leadership qualities in the participants.

    Applications for the program are open until December 4, 2023. Eligible students are encouraged to submit their applications promptly for consideration. The selection process, overseen by an anonymous committee, takes into account the information provided in the application. Participants should be actively involved in various community activities, reflecting the diversity of the student body.
    Upon successful completion of the program, students who have attended all sessions will receive a graduation diploma, recognizing their commitment to personal and community development.

    "The Junior Leadership Biloxi Program serves as a bridge between the business community and the promising youth of Biloxi," remarked LaWanda Jones, Director at the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce. "It provides a unique opportunity for our local business leaders to guide and inspire the next generation, while offering students valuable insights into the diverse facets of Biloxi."

    For those interested in applying or learning more about the selection criteria, rules, and requirements, apply here. Alternatively, individuals may contact the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce at 228-604-0014 or email LaWanda Jones at lawanda@mscoastchamber.com.

    The Biloxi Chamber of Commerce is excited to witness the positive impact of the Junior Leadership Biloxi Program on the future leaders of our community and encourages eligible students to seize this enriching opportunity.