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    Mental Health/Psychology

    About Us

    Health Connect America provides mental and behavioral health services to children, families, and adults. We provide our services where you are – in your community, in your home, or in our offices.
    Every individual who comes to us for assistance is unique. Our team at Health Connect America (HCA) understands the importance of personalized service. Our approach offers a fresh, innovative way for individuals to access to mental health services. We address the multiple needs of each individual, their family and the significant people in their lives.
    We provide face-to-face support, counseling, and care coordination with the individual, family and significant others, as well as behavioral, emotional and educational support. Ideally, the support and services will be provided in the client’s home or community. We have developed a unique approach to engaging individuals, and others involved in the treatment process, to identify problems and explore solutions.
    For the services that are given in one of our multiple offices, HCA will attempt to include the family or other significant people in the individuals’ life, as appropriate. We utilize the most current and clinically appropriate treatment available for children, adults, and families at risk with the ultimate goal of keeping them safe while empowering them. Our services are personalized to the needs of the individual and the family, coupled with Health Connect America’s clinically-proven strategies and needs assessments.