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    At Jani-King, we know that the quality of service your facility receives is, for the most part, determined by the motivation of the custodian on the job site. This is why we operate through a network of qualified Jani-King franchisees.
    Our franchisees perform on the job because they have the motivation and incentive to clean your building professionally. A financial investment into a business of their own and personal commitment to the success of that business ensures that Jani-King franchisees have a genuine concern for a job-well-done. What more concern could you possibly have on the job when the owner of the service company is either doing the work himself or closely supervising his employees?
    Backing our franchisees in their efforts, the Jani-King Regional Office Support Personnel will ensure our high cleaning standards. We make sure that our franchisees have the training, personnel, equipment, insurance and most importantly, the customer service support necessary to provide your company with on-going quality janitorial services.
    At Jani-King, consistent service is accomplished through a communication program consisting of Past Performance Evaluations, Memo Pads, and Inspection Reports. In addition, our customer service representatives will be in contact with you and will always be abreast of the cleaning needs of your facility.
    The Jani-King motto is "The Performance People." Our extensive list of client references will attest that Jani-King franchisees live up to our motto.



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